That's me.

pronouns: she/her

I love logistics. I like problem solving and connecting with and because of cool people. After getting my Bachelor's degree in Language Arts and Bilingual Education (Spanish), I traveled to Las Vegas to start my teaching career. "It'll only be for a year," I told myself. Little did I know that I had found my new home. I spent nine years in the Clark County School District working as a classroom teacher in grades 2-5, a technology integration Humanities specialist, a Digital Learning Coach, and a curriculum designer. During that time I also acquired my Masters in Educational Leadership. However, after enduring years of pay freezes, I decided it was time for a change. I pursued a career in tech as a software developer and landed a position as a consultant developer with ThoughtWorks. In addition to working at several Fortune 500 companies on a variety of projects I also contributed to the ThoughtWorks Arts AI residency. During my time working on both Riot and Perception IO which was shown at the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York City, I contributed to the EmoPy and Storyline Manager projects and researched applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Outside of my work on ThoughtWorks Arts, I worked on an API for managing a loyalty points system for a retailer using Scala, an app for managing a vehicle fleet using React and Java, did some DevOps work, and was co-lead for the ThoughtWorks Aware Security Party.

In my spare time I'm also one half of The Intelligent Hoodlums. I've had the pleasure of being the technical operations coordinator for Northeast Mississippi Community College's Mobile Learning Conference for 2020 helping them move their event online and expanding participation to over 2,000 people from around the world. Mike Lang, the other half of The Intelligent Hoodlums, and I also ran the behind-the-scenes action for Cued Up when CUE-NV decided to move their state conference online.

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