Building Virtual Courses for Technologists

Building Virtual Courses for Technologists


Testing out some new content.

If you're a technologist who wants to make your talks more impactful, your lunch and learns more sticky, or your pairing time more effective, this might be the course for you. Enroll for free on Canvas:

Included in this course is:

  • How to write clear objectives so that both you and your audience know what they're supposed to be learning
  • How to create assessments so you know they learned what you wanted them to learn
  • A basic framework for how to teach content to make it stick
  • How to organize that massive pile of resources into something coherent you can build a course out of

You'll also get free resources like this Resource Organizer Template:

Resource Organizer
Sheet1 Objective,Assessment,I do,Created?,“I do” Resources,We do,Created?,“We do” Resources,You do,Created?,“You Do” ResourcesStudents will be able to bake a cake.,Baking a cake.,A video showing the process of baking a cake that lists all the steps on the screen and their importance.,Video,A ca...