Delivery Simulation Experiences (DSEs)
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Delivery Simulation Experiences (DSEs)


This is a companion post for people who are attending the ISLS Annual Meeting 2022 and attending my poster session, however, if you're curious about what a delivery simulation experience is this is a great place to start!

ISLS Annual Meeting 2022
International Collaboration toward Educational Innovation for All: Overarching Research, Development, and Practices

Where did this idea come from?

What is a DSE?

Back in October of 2021, I published this original paper talking about the learning sciences perspective on hiring in tech and how delivery simulation experiences could potentially solve some of the problems in the field. The idea of DSEs is ever evolving as I learn and research more. For the ISLS Annual Meeting, I created the poster below. The poster compares the traditional hiring experience to DSEs through a connectivist lens.

DSEs are still theoretical. There are many outstanding questions, concerns, and future research to be done in order to make the case that they would lead to better outcomes than the traditional hiring approach.

Questions & Concerns

  • How is performance assessed in the DSE?
  • Is it more cost effective than the traditional hiring experience?
  • Does using a DSE lead to longer employee retention as compared to traditional hiring practices?
  • What are current outcomes with regard to hiring and attrition/retention?
  • Does using a DSE lead to a better fit of skills to position as compared to traditional hiring practices?
  • What operational and practical execution problems are there with DSEs?
  • A company could ask a candidate to engage in a DSE that is longer than the traditional interview process without compensation. That would mean the DSE would no longer be more efficient or cost-effective for the candidate.
  • Is the DSE approach more or less accessible than the traditional hiring process?
  • How do participants feel after the participating in a DSE?
  • Do participants - either company side or candidate - prefer DSE or traditional hiring and why?

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